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Wik_logo.png Was raten? We now have fighting game guides from HARDEDGE! What is Hardedge? A German Wiki that gives information on Fighting Games - We try our best to translate them but if you find any errors we can try to fix them!
Garou-terry.png GET READY!! NGP is back up! Wanna learn some Garou? Check these out - Mark of the Wolves
42433.png HEY YOU! Wanna learn about Persona 4 Arena? Check these out - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Game Mechanics

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NGP Fun Fact
Here is a A hidden message apears on the Sonic Team Presents screen of Sonic 1. It can be accessed by the following codes: Version #1 (JUE) C,C,C,C,C,C,U,D,L,R then hold A,B,C and Down when demo starts Version #2 (J only release) C,C,C,C,C,C,U,D,D,D,L,R then hold A,B,C and Down when demo starts


Ritual of the Night “That’s right, WayForward, the makers of Shantae! As you may already know, they are top-tier when it comes to side-scrolling action games. There is even a staff member who previously worked on one of my projects, which is incredibly encouraging.” Platformers
Dead Or Alive 6 Off Screen Footage DOA Festival There is some footage of Dead Or Alive 6 from DOA Festival 2018. You can see the footage below as we get to see the current roaster have at it. See how the characters are looking so far as remember this isn’t the final build and between now and then things can change. Fighting Games
Adult Swim Get Blade Runner Black Lotus Blade Runner Black Lotus is coming o Adult Swim. The series will be 13 episodes leading up Blade Runner 2049. No date as to when we can see this but when I hear more I will let you know. Below is a pick from the last time we had a anime based off of Blade Runner.
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