Aba Guilty Gear
Can she even be considered attractive?

“Don’t expect the unexpected…Still, he’s no match for Paracelsus.” - ABA


A.B.A is one of the playable characters from the Guilty Gear fighting game series by Arc System Works and was introduced as the only completely new playable character in Guilty Gear Isuka (2003). She returned in Judgment (2006 and all the Guilty Gear XX updates from Guilty Gear XX Slash (2005) up to Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus R (2012).

A.B.A did not return in Guilty Gear Xrd (2014) or any of its updates so far.

Character Background

A.B.A is an artificial life-form called a homunculus in the game and was created by a scientist who was taken by the military short before she opened her eyes for the first time.She lived the first ten years of her life alone in isolation.


Her name is a direct reference to the popular Swedish pop band ABBA. Her musical theme in the GG XX games is actually the only one that was not composed by the series creator, Daisuke Ishiwatari but by Masaomi Kikuchi.

Game Play

A.B.A is one of the slowest Guilty Gear characters and has a rather defensive play style. Her biggest strength is her Moroha Mode that increases her running speed as well as different and much more effective moves, the downside is that the Moroha Mode drains her health whenever she performs a move.

"Don't mind me. Just hugging my babe…"

She is a high risk character in general.


Please read New Game Plus's Button terminology for help
Name Combination/Input Note
Ken'in 90 deg + P Normal State
Shoukyaku 90 deg + K Normal State
Masshou 90 deg + S Can follow up with Fukumetstu a quick left - right + S
Kihi 90 deg + HS Normal State
Ketsugou 180 deg (rev) + HS Switches mode/can be done in air
Danzai F,D,FD + HS Power State
Bunri 180 deg (rev) + P Power State
Kashitsu 180 deg + K Power State
Konzetsu 180 deg + S Power State/Air only
Houshoku D,F,DF (Rev) + HS Power State

Force Breaks

Ken'in (Normal State): 90 deg + D
Danzai (Power State): D,F,DF + D
Kihi (Power State ): 90 deg + D


Shoukou: Intoku (Normal State): 180 deg (rev) then F + HS (Follow up with 90 deg + HS then follow up with 90 deg + HS)
Shoukou: Inmetsu 180 deg (rev) in air + P (Follow up with rev 90 deg + K Power State)
Henshitsu (Power State): 180 deg (rev) x2 + S

Instant Kill

Muchi no Yami: 90 deg x2 + HS


"Normal State" and "Power State" are actually called "Normal Paracelsus" and "Moroha Paracelsus" in game

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