Attacks Ggxx

each character in the GG series~ there are five basic attacks - P,K,S,H,D. the Effect of pressing buttons with these attacks varies depending on whether the character is sitting or is in the jump. In addition, most of the characters have individual attacks on combinations, like 6P and 6H. All the characters in the game are throwing, running close to the opponent press 6H or 4H. In addition, most of the characters the usual Slash has near and far variations (denoted by S(c) and S(f)). In addition, some characters have additional attacks, running combinations of type 6K, 3K, 6S. All these attacks are called Normal attacks. Some authors call all attacks that involve direction (e.g. 6H) Command Normals. In addition, all air attacks except 5 base, even executed, for example, the 2S, are listed in movelists Oh characters with special' AMI, not AMI normal'.

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