Capcom Vs Snk 2 Eo
Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO
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Never understood the fireball-thingy?

Game Versions

Naomi: Original Version.

DreamCast: Version the the Arcade (Naomi) Version is most similar to is and used to be common EU-tournament Version.

PlayStation 2: Meanwhile, popular Version in European tournaments.

GameCube: only Exists as a EO variant and is thus not seriously used.

Xbox: Like the GameCube Version, only with Xbox Live support.


Choose the Right Groove

C-Groove: In C-Groove can use up to 3 Super-Level can be collected. It is possible to perform Level 1, 2 or 3 Supers, which can be determined by entering the Supers with the help of LP/LK, MP/MK or HP/HK. C-Groove Level 2 Supers at any time in a Level 1 Super or any Move cancel.

A-Groove: A Groove can be up to 2 Super-Level can be collected. There is a maximum of 2 Level 1 Supers, or a Custom Combo can be executed. Custom Combos can be executed by, full of Super-display, HP and HK simultaneously. After that, any Moves connected and Supers can be performed until the display has cleared.

P-Groove: In P-Groove, all attacks, in any Position, parried, in a forward or down (for low attacks) the movement is executed just before the attack hits. In P-Groove only 1 Level 3 Super can be executed.

S-Groove: The S-Groove is the only System in the simultaneous entry of LP and LK, a Dodge can be executed. The Super display can simultaneously hold HP and HK to a Level to press 1 Super charged. The food is on display in the red sector, the player infinite Level 1 Supers. Is filled in the red area, in addition, the Super-display completely, the player receives a Level 3 Super.

N-Groove: The N-Groove is the only one with the possibility of Counter-Movement exercise. This is executed by the Blocking of an attack at the front, LP and LK, or back, LP and LK at the same time be actuated. It can be collected up to 3 Level 1 Supers, this can also be used for the Counter Movement, or, by simultaneously pressing HP and HK, for a Power Boost.

K-Groove: K Groove is the Super-display only Block directly in front of the meet an enemy attack, or the insertion of matches to fill. In the case of a full Super-display a Level 3 Super can be executed. The Super meter depletes slowly with time.

Groove Abilities

Air Guard (C): Air Guard means nothing other than the possibility of blocking in the air. The Block is executed in exactly the same way, as would be the character on the ground. Attacks can't be blocked out from the ground, in the air, however.

Counter Attack (C, A, S, N): A Counter Attack allows you to Attack from the Block out, before the Stunning of blocking gone. To do so, during the Blockstuns, be made available to the opponents oncoming movement and at the same time, MP, and MK is actuated. To Perform a Counter Attack at least 1 Super is required-Level and a high proportion of the Guard indicator. The Super-View consumption groove is dependent. The Counter Attack is dependent on the character. An enemy can not be defeated by Counter-Attacks, since the life display, can fall through such a maximum to 0.

Counter-Movement (N): Counter Movement works similar to a Counter Attack, but no counter-attack but a forward and backward movement performed with the Blockstun to be freed. To Counter to perform a Movement must be entered with a forward motion, LP, and LK (Move forward) or a backward motion, LP, and LK (Move to back). In the case of Counter Movement to the front of a role is executed, with all of its normal properties. In the case of Counter Movement to the rear, a kind of Dash is executed while the first few Frames here, however, is invulnerable.

Dash (C, A, P): A Dash is a quick forward or reverse movement by the fast return to normal forward and reverse movement is achieved. Unlike the race, however, it is only a movement, which can be laid back, no endless track with a Dash. The length of the distance character is a subject. During a Dashes the character behaves as he would in the air (except during the last few Frames), that is to say, he is, in the case of a hit, in the air and lands standing. A Dash is performed against an opposing character, it is pulled along. A Dash can not be canceled.

Dodge (S): A Dodge provides a brief invulnerability, similar to a role. However, the character during a Dodge, in contrast to a role remains in the same place and during the entire Dodge invulnerable. In addition, a Dodge is shorter than one role, which, according to the Dodgen of attack, immediately a counter-attack can be done. There is also no delay, so that a Block can be executed immediately. However, the character of each time can be used during the Dodge. A Dodge to run LP and LK need to be operated at the same time. Is performed during the middle phase of a Dodge (the Phase in of the of character still in the Dodge) an attack that is executed depending on the input, a fixed Dodge a Punch or Dodge a Kick. This applies to every character: One is a long-range attack and the other a bufferbare attack. The long-range attack carries the opponent to the ground, while in front of the buffer indirect attack can be used to enter a Special Move. This can even contain a Cancel. In the last Phase of a Dodge (if the character moves from the Dodge back in the normal state) can be in a new Dodge gecanceld. So it is with a series of Dodge's possible to Dodgen even the longest Supers completely. The opponent changes his position behind the character (on Dodge past, or about the character), changes the character to automatically look in the direction of in the direction of the opponent.

Roll (C, A, N): A roller will roll to be used to enemies and enemy attacks is over. It can be executed by simultaneously pressing LP and LK. Is rolled forward, completely irrespective of the possible in the Direction of input. Thus, Charge can be input with the role. During the first few Frames of a roll of the character is invulnerable. After the first few Frames of the character can be hit by any attack on the level of the roll. During the last few Frames of the character can be made exactly the same way as it would be unsecured claims.

Run (S, N, K): a Run the character quickly moved in the desired direction. A Run is achieved by twice quickly tapping the desired direction of input.

Safe Case (A, N, K): A Safe case prevents the of character, to attack the transports him lying on the floor, are remains and a piece of saves him in the back. A Safe case to carry out any two of the Punches must be entered at the same time in the Moment in which the character first touched the ground. During the last Frames of a Safe fall of the character is so vulnerable, than he would be normally. A Safe case will not work if the character of a Super Combo or an attack of the character is taken directly on the ground transported.

Small Jump (P, S, N, K): A Small Jump is a jump that is shorter and flatter than a normal jump. This allows the opponent less time, and attack surface in order to react to an attack during the jump. A Small Jump is achieved by the short, quick input of a leap in the direction of. During the landing, it gives the character a slight delay, which complicates the attachment of various Moves. This delay occurs only if, during the Small Jumps and an attack is executed, otherwise, the character is like after a normal jump. You can be gecanceld by a Special Move or a Super. In addition, a minimal delay exists as soon as a jump, also a normal, is running, as long as a Groove is used which has a Small Jump. During the Small Jumps can be executed with no Special Moves or Super Combos. The same applies to Just Defend and Parry. This is the reason why can be performed, in the case of a Groove which has a Small Jump, no Special Moves or Supers in the first Frames of a normal jump, since this will be seen as a Small Jump.

Tactical Recovery (C, P, S): Tactical Recovery is used, after an attack, the character with the back on the floor transported, the time of the Lawsuit, to extend, and the opponents, therefore, may have a stroke due to his Timing. Running Tactical Recovery by pressing two Punches.

Game HUD

This is a translation from the Hardedge wiki version.


1. Ratio lv. and character display
2. Character image
3. Life Guage
4. Round time
5. Guard Guage
6. Character name
*Top to bottom*

Groove HUD


Glitches (Some removed in EO)

2P Cross Up The 2P Cross Up Glitch allows the 2. Players (and only this), behind the 1. To get players as soon as this is in any corner. So the 1 can. A player with an attack of 2. Player run the Block in the wrong direction, if he is not prepared for this Glitch. The 2. Players can go so, after he has transported the opponent to the ground, through this (this works almost exclusively with movements in which the character is in the air, so no rollers, etc.) and Attack from behind.The execution of this Glitch is only possible if the 1. Player with the feet to the outside (in the direction of the corner) and head to the inside (in the direction of the Stage). This Glitch is against Hibiki is not possible.

Dan's Custom Combo: usually, all characters are completely invulnerable as soon as a CC is activated, in the case of Dan, this is not the case. During the first frame, even before the Custom Combo Animation is initiated, can Dan be thrown. This Glitch can be counteracted by a straight jump is executed to the top, which can then be used in the first frame in a Custom Combo gecanceld. This Trick is based on the fact that each handle can be used with a jump counteracted.

Left corner: This Glitch makes the characters, which in the right corner after a Juggle in the corner of the land, with the same attack, in the left corner, through the air from the corner out. This can especially be the case for Custom Combos fatal, since the opponents can be catapulted out of them.

Off-the-Ground handle: If a character is on the floor, he is usually not vulnerable. Dan and Rolento, however, can be of the most accessible back up. This works when the character is in the Custom Combo mode.

Reversal: This Glitch is triggered if a throw is blocked and at least one of the characters is a Reversal Super or Special Move is executed. The result is the most curious and various Glitches. The Glitch only works in certain character and a Super / Special Move combinations. In most cases, this Glitch is useful or of some Use.

Roll Cancel (C, A, N): The Roll Cancel Glitch allows it, the invulnerability of the first few Frames of a roll, with in any Super or Special Move to take. For this purpose, must be performed during the first 3 Frames of a roll, a Special Move or a Super. This Glitch was fixed in the EO versions.

Character Guides

Shin Akuma(pal&ntsc)/Shin Gouki(ntsc-j)(CvS2)
Balrog(pal&ntsc)/Mike Bison(ntsc-j)(CvS2)
Chun Li(CvS2)
Dan Hibiki(CvS2)
Edmond Honda(CvS2)
Ken Masters(CvS2)
Kyosuke Kagami(CvS2)
Mike Bison(pal&ntsc)/Vega(ntsc-j)(CvS2)
Maki Genryusai(CvS2)
Morrigan Aensland(CvS2)
Rolento F. Schugerg(CvS2)
Evil Ryu(pal&ntsc)/Satsui Ryu(ntsc-j)(CvS2)
Sakura Kasugano(CvS2)
Yang & Yun Lee(CvS2)

SNK characters

Athena Asamiya(CvS2)
Benimaru Nikaido(CvS2)
Chang Koehan & Choi Bounge(CvS2)
Geese Howard(CvS2)
Hibiki Takane(CvS2)
Iori Yagami(CvS2)
Orochi Iori(CvS2)
Joe Higashi(CvS2)
Kim Kaphwan(CvS2)
Kyo Kusanagi(CvS2)
Mai Shiranui(CvS2)
Rock Howard(CvS2)
Rugal Bernstein(CvS2)
Ultimate Rugal(pal&ntsc)/God Rugal(ntsc-j)(CvS2)
Ryo Sakazaki(CvS2)
Ryuhaku Todoh(CvS2)
Ryuji Yamazaki(CvS2)
Terry Bogard(CvS2)
Yuri Sakaza(CvS2)

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