Fighting Game Dictionary

Bread and Butter: Refers to a bread and butter combo or technique for a character. Usually this is one combo or technique that almost everyone uses because it's highly effective.

Safe: A move that cannot be punished if blocked. Usually these moves have a very short recovery time, or they stun your opponent for a long enough so that you can block again before they're capable of retaliating.

Poke: A quick and often safe attack that's difficult to counter.

Meaty: This means to attack the opponent as they are standing up in such a way that only the latest active frames of the move strike the opponent. This is really powerful because it allows you to recover faster than normal if the attack is blocked or if it connects.

Cheap, Cheese: This means abusing certain moves that are too easy to do in regards to how powerful they are.

buffering, Cancel, Canceling, Cancelable, Super Cancel, 2-in-1: These mean to cancel the animation of one move to go into another. If something is, "cancelable," that means you can interrupt the animation of this move with another with some form of command. The most popular cancel is a normal move into a special move..

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Poison Loves to get Meaty

Link: Timing the ending animation of one move so that the next move you do comes out at the precise moment the other one ends, resulting in a combo. For a more detailed explanation see this page.

Chain: A Chain combo is when specific normal moves cancel into each other. An example is Balrog's crouching Light Punch in Street Fighter 4.

Tick throw: To do a quick or mostly safe attack and then immediately throw your opponent. Usually this is difficult to counter and easy to do.

Cross, Cross Up: An attack that makes the other fighter block in the reverse direction they would normally have to. Usually refers to jumping attacks that hit behind the opponent or certain "teleport"-like attack moves that quickly move from the opponent's left to their right or vice-versa.

Zoning: Staying or attempting to get yourself or your opponent into a certain area on the screen that is to your tactical advantage.

Lag tactics: Using/abusing the lag (latency) associated with online play to do tactics that normally aren't viable if you were playing someone face to face.

Dropper, Puller: Someone who leaves online matches when they're about lose before the battle is over, resulting in the other player not receiving a win.

GGs, Good games: Commonly said to another player after a match or a set of matches whether they earned it or not as a sign of respect and good nature.

Scrub: Someone who thinks they're a great player, but actually sucks.

Theory Fighter: Discussing tactics, strategies and theories with other players. Usually it breaks down to people arguing about why a certain tactic is, or is not effective, and offering several reasons for their opinions.

Spamming: Repeatedly doing a move over and over and over again, usually a "safe" attack that cannot be countered easily.

Turtle: Someone who fights in a extremely defensive style, taking very few offensive risks and countering the moves his opponent does.

Rushdown: Refers to a relentless offensive style, mixing it up and attacking so rapidly that the opponent doesn't have time to adapt.

Mashing, Masher: Repeatedly pressing the buttons as quickly as possible, sometimes for no reason or with no sense of purpose.

Priority: A term used to address how well a certain move or attack will defeat others. For example, Chun-Li's crouching Medium Kick in Third Strike is a very high priority move that will beat out a huge amount of other moves.

OTG: Abbreviation for "Off-the-ground". Refers to moves that strike the opponent after they have been knocked down.

Juggle: Hitting a fighter who has already been knocked into the air. Since the opponent cannot defend himself against this, juggles are always counted towards the combo counter.

Sweep: Refers to any normal move that knocks the opponent off their feet.

Negative Edge: In certain fighting games where releasing an attack button can activate a special move just as well as pressing the button can.

Overhead Attack: An attack performed on the ground that must be blocked high.

Reversal: Executing a move as you're standing up. Some games require very strict timing on when you can perform a reversal.

Blockstun: The duration after you block an attack and cannot move.

Hitstun: The duration after you are struck with an attack and cannot defend.

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