Force Break

These moves are basically EX moves… they require 25% tension to do. When you use them, the background changes like it would for a super. Force Breaks are character specific.

Some characters gained entirely new moves that are FBs(Slayer's Big Bang Upper), some have had their properties changes(Air 623H for Axl has changed to a downward Axl Bomber, whereas his old one is now an FB with modified properties), and some characters have had moves changed to FB Only(Johnny's Jackhound is now only usable with 25% tension. The 214H command no longer exists).

To perform an FB, you need to have 25% tension, then perform a specific input with Dust instead of the normal command. Some moves are brand new and thus follow no trend. Examples: Ky's Air 214D is new and follows no trend, Axl's Air 623D is an "improved" Axl Bomber, Slayer's 214P D is an improved Pile Bunker etc.

You'll know a Force Break was successfully performed because of a specific noise it makes+the character has a white flash for a second.

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