Force Breaks Ggxx

Force Break moves require a 25% tension'and to perform. As Overdrive's, they are accompanied by a corresponding animation (the blue "flash" around the character, a specific sound effect and flashing white sprite of the character.). Many techniques exist to Force the Break, and the "normal" version (in this case, the difference between them is pressed, blow - FB-versions use D), but there are techniques that have no "normal" version, for example, Sol's Fafnir a. Some Force Break and have to continue spending another 25% and activates the special effects peculiar to Overdrive's - a fiery backdrop, the sinking time in a flash. An example of this continuation - Fafnir'have a Sol a - 46D is pressed after completion of reception. Force Break Axl - 412D, which is a continuation 623P, has an animation of Overdrive, despite the fact that the amount is spent only 25% tehna because 623ла is not Force a Break.

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