Green Hill Zone
Green Hill Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog 1
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Who DOESN'T know this zone?

The very first Sonic zone ever made and still probably the most well known after all these years. The palm trees, the orange chequered hillsides, the spiky flowers; The original introductory tropical zone, set in and around a rocky bay. You don't get any more nostalgic than this. It's designed to be fast and simple, with long open stretches, twisting tunnels and loop-de-loops, but watch out for classic badniks and large spike pits.


The Classic Sonic Tune, no doubt given its reputation on basis of it being the very first Sonic song (excluding the intro jingle) ever heard by the players. The song begins rather triumphantly, as if to celebrate our blue hero's first steps in the world. As the steady bassline keeps a constant rhythm under the music, the song lowers down to a more speedier approach before slowing down to a beautiful and moody, almost melancholy yet optimistic section before starting again from the beginning. Whilst some might argue that the fast-paced song might not really fit the rather slow (in Sonical measures) level, it is nonetheless a classic tune - not only because of its historical factor, but also because it's just that damn great. Same music for all three acts.


Act 1: 30 - 40 seconds
Act 2: 40 - 50 seconds
Act 3: 1 minute - 1 minute, 30 seconds


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