Hyper Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition Tiers

SSS: CE-Bison, CE-Guile, CE-Ryu, CE-Sagat

SS: WW-Guile, HF-Guile, HF-Ryu, CE-Ken, HF-Ken, HF-Sagat, ST-Dhalsim, ST-Balrog, ST-Ryu

S: WW-Dhalsim, HF-Blanka, ST-Chun-Li, S-Ryu, S-Ken, ST-Ken, ST-Honda, ST-Dee Jay, ST-Sagat

A: HF-Honda, HF-Zangief, HF-Balrog, S-Balrog, S-Bison, S-Sagat, S-Chun-Li, S-Vega, S-Dee Jay

B: ST-Blanka, HF-Dhalsim, HF-Vega, S- Honda, ST-Fei Long, ST-Guile

C: WW-Chun-Li, CE-Chun-Li, WW-Blanka, CE-Blanka, CE-Balrog, WW-Honda, CE- Honda, HF-Bison, S-Fei Long, S-Hawk, ST-Zangief, S-Guile

D: WW-Ryu, WW-Ken, WW-Zangief, CE- Zangief, S-Zangief, ST-Hawk, S-Blanka, S-Cammy, ST-Cammy

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