Instant Kills Ggxx

All the characters (except Dizzy and Holy Order Sol a) is the attack that kills the opponent regardless of the number of his remaining life. It's called Instant Kill or Destroy Move. To do it, you must first press P+K+S+H and go into Destroy Mode. While you are in this mode, you gradually lose tension, and when tension ends, begin to lose life. Runs Instant Kill attack by pressing 236236H (exception - May, which it has done 4123641236H and Dizzy has no Instant Kill mode and Instant Kill is a hidden admission). If you get this attack, then the opponent is dead. If you don't find yourself or find yourself on the block you exit Instant Kill mode (stop lose tension and life), but also lose tension'and the rest of the round. And at any moment you can exit from Instant Kill mode by pressing P+K+S+H again (you lose all tension). Holy Order Sol does not have Instant Kill mode, but under certain conditions (at full tensen and 3 level charge gauge) continuation Overdrive'and Dragon Install -> Sakkai can be Destroyed, that is to kill the enemy regardless of remaining lives and to display the inscription Destroy.

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