Last Blade 2 Tiers

God Tier:

  • Kouryu (Banned)

Top Tier:

  • Power Zantetsu (Soft banned in many cases. His kagehoushi tappa kochi move is banned (the shadow dash slice thing))
  • Speed Moriya (With teleport glitch)
  • Power Mukuro
  • Power Lee

Upper Mid Tier:

  • Power Amano
  • Speed Akari
  • Power Kagami
  • Speed Shigen
  • Power Kaede
  • Speed Washizuka

Mid Tier:

  • Speed Hibiki
  • Power/Speed Kojiroh
  • Power Setsuna
  • Power Okina/Power Juzoh

Low Tier:

  • Power Unawakened Kaede (Also known as O. Kaede)
  • Speed Yuki
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