Mega Man

Mega Man is a series of Platformer based games that started in 1987.

Mega Man
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That's… not… Mega Man?

Game overview

Mega Man marks the start of a benchmark Capcom franchise Mega Man is a 8-bit platformer in which the player takes control of the main protagonist, Mega Man in search to destroy a set of 6 Robot Masters, gain their signature weapons, and enter Dr. Wily's castle. Mega Man has a heath bar that, and when it is depleted, it's game over. However, enemies in the levels sometimes drop energy so Rock can replenish part of his health back. Each different Robot Master has their own unique level, and fight pattern. The player's job is to figure out which weapons work the best on which Robot, making it easier to defeat him, and move on with the game. All Robot Masters have a weakness, but one must be destroyed with Mega Man's Mega Buster.

After that's said, and done Mega Man must travel through a few more stages in Wily's Castle, defeat the Mini-Bosses inside, and take on Dr. Wily. These levels are played in a straight pattern so you cannot pick which level you do first. Before you take on Wily, you must defeat the Robot Masters you previously defeated as final test. When the player does fight Wily, he will usually have to fight a robot crafted from Dr. Wily rather than take the man on himself. This fight typically in split into 3 different parts with no health regeneration in-between. The player must get through the whole fight in one life. When that is completed, Mega Man has saved the day, and the game is over.

Game Story

Rock, a newly created housekeeping robot, has just been built along with his sister, Roll, by the scientist named Dr. Light. Light has been working along side of his colleague, Dr. Wily on 6 more robots that would be built to perform tasks that seem burdensome for many humans. However, Wily is secretly scheming, and, eventually, steals the 6 robots, and causes havoc to the city. His plan is to take over the world, and achieve total domination. Little does he know, Rock had a strong sense of justice he was waiting to use.

Rock volunteered to take on Wily, and save the city if Light could transform him into a robot that could fight. Dr. Light accepted the task, and got to work on transforming Rock into his new persona, Mega Man. Mega Man was equipped with the Mega Buster, and ready to rock.

Mega Man's first task is to defeat the 6 Robot Masters, and defeat Wily at the end. To do this, the player must gain the Robot's powers by defeating them, and using the weapons against each other. After Mega Man completes his first task, he must go into Wily's castle, and take on the mini-bosses inside. Wily's castle is a linear gauntlet with no breaks until the end. The only checkpoints come after a level is completed. Before the fight with Wily, the 6 Robot Masters appear again, and Mega Man must prove himself by finishing them once again before he can kill Wily. After that, Wily and his mechanical creations are the only thing in the way from Mega Man from saving the day. With no problem, he defeats the Doc, and keeps the city at peace. Forever….?

Robot Masters

DLN stands for Dr. Light Number. Mega Man and Roll were DLN. 001 and 002. After this game, the rest are labeled DWN because the other robot masters were Wily's creations.

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