MegaMan X - Force Arc 2

The Sequel to MegaMan X - Force Arc, follows a new role with a new protagonist. Like it's predecessor, the game follows [[[MegaMan ZX]]'s Non-Linear gameplay system. However a new feature was added, giving the play the ability to only travel to the Bio Metal location depending on the key the character is currently holding.


The game revolves around lead protagonist Sonia Strumm who currently lost her father (Michael Strumm) in a Bio Metal research factory. Her father was working on a Bio Metal for Sonia known as "Model S"; however, it was incomplete.
Before Michael died, he spread 8 fragments of the Bio Metal across Beatopolis. Now, Sonia must find all 8 to find out the real cause of her father's death. Little did she know however, a fellow scientist in the factory known as Polygon had already collected the fragments and were given to her loyal servants known as the "The 8 Violence Judges".
The Judges designs are - you guessed it, based off The 8 //Gentle// Judges. Their Bio Metal data are abbreviated forms of the Judges, respectively.

Major Gameplay Aspects

  • Sonia can use Model S to transform(megamerge) and attack with a guitar. She can launch music note projectiles and even use it like a sword.
  • Like Model A in MegaMan ZX Advent, Model S has sentience. Giving her gameplay tips every time Sonia unlocks a new adaptation. - Sonia "adapts" 3 abilities from a boss every time she defeats one. These abilities are one range attack, one ranged attack, and one movement/technique. An example is Model DS for Devil bat Shiltz V2, she gets a lightning streak, a wind slash and a hover ability.

The 8 Violence Judges

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