Movement Ggxx

All the characters in GG~ know how to go forward "[6]" back "[4]", Crouch "[2], [3], [1]", and jump straight up "8". "9" and back "7".

Traditionally in fighting games characters by double-clicking either 6 run forward (run) or short leap forward (dash). In the first case, to continue you must hold down the 6 ("6,[6]", while in the second it press and release "to 6.6". In a series of GG~ most of the characters "6,[6]". Exceptions are the Potemkin, I-No, Johnny, Slayer, A. B. A (in Normal mode) - the latter three have a dash, no dash ' Potemkin and or run and and And-But instead of running typical flight above the ground. However, in the GG series~ historically that all the characters use the term dash, not run. So if you see any notation record dash forward, it usually refers to run forward. In addition, all characters know how to backdash, that is to do a small jerk/jump back. To execute Backdash hit "to 4.4". Backdash is an important technique because it contains frames of invulnerability (specific quantity depends on character).

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