Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Tiers

God Tier And Banned

Goodman (Why? His Reflect is quite frankly the best move in the game its UNBLOCKABLE!! He’s also banned due to the reason that he is a console character only!)

S Class

Mr Big, Kim, Hotaru

A Class

Tung,Marco, Iori, Robert, Haohmaru, Mizuchi, Hanzo, Kyo.


Mai, Lee, Kaede, Moriya, Neo Dio, Washizuka, Mudman, Cyber Woo.


Shiki, Athena, K’, Mr. Karate ,Fuma, Kisarah, Shishioh, Terry, Shermie.


Akari, Rock, Geese, Asura, Mars People (and Rising), Chonrei, Ai (And Rising), Genjyuro.


Yuki, Chonshu, Nakoruru.

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