New Game Plus's Button Terminology

New Game Plus uses various different terms for buttons. Here are our common uses:

Degrees Inputs

  • QCF: A standard 90 degrees on the left side
  • QCB: A standard 90 degrees on the right side
  • HCF: 180 Degrees on the left side
  • HCB: 180 Degrees on the right side
  • 360F: A 7 point spin around the stick
  • SRK: A "Shoryuken Motion"

Standard button inputs

  • P: Punch
  • K: Kick
  • LP, MP, HP: The three buttons of punching - Light, Medium, and Heavy
  • LK, MK, HK: Light Kick, Medium Kick, and Heavy Kick

Additional Button inputs

  • EX: A special version of that move
  • PP/KK: Requires 2 punches are 2 kicks(EX)
  • S: Slash (Guilty Gear only)
  • HS: (Guilty Gear only)
  • D: Dust (Guilty Gear only)
  • DR: Drive (BlazBlue only)
  • FB: Fireball/Forcebreak
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