Roman Cancels GG

One of the main ways of usage of the Tension Guage (GG) 'and Roman Cancel (RC) Force Roman Cancel (FRC). First appeared in GGX and allows for half tension'and cancel recovery frames caught by the opponent of the strike. The second appeared in GGXX and allows for a quarter tension'and cancel recovery frames of some attacks. Both are performed by pressing three attack buttons simultaneously (for example, P+K+S). But if RC is at most attacks and can be performed at any time of the attack, the FRC has a limited number of strikes and command for him to enter in certain frames (for each attack - its). Also unlike the RC, FRC allows to interrupt projectile, attacks not targeted at the enemy and blows until active frames (for example 6H Slayer'a). After running RC and FRC for some time reduces Tension Gain. Using FRC, you can't cancel the trapped projectile. The same FRC and frts do not cancel hit stop strikes, if you use FRC or frts during stop'a hit, you still will not be able to do anything until the end.

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