Sidescrollers Pokemon Video Game Championship


4 to 6 Pokemon
A copy of Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, or Ultra Moon.
A/C Charger (Just in case!)
No cheating, coaching, or gentlemen agreements


Only Pokemon that are in the Alolan Pokedex.
Must use the region variant.
No mythical or legendary pokemon
UBs & Tapus are permitted but only 1 UB and/or 1 Tapu per game.
Pokemon found via Island Scan are permitted.

NO HACKED or Modded stat pokemon
Shines are permitted; however, it will be checked to see if any hacking program like PKHex, pkmnsm, Action Replay, etc. are used.
Pokemon with the OT AuSLove.TV are permitted.

NO OHKO moves like Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill or Sheer Cold​​.


FEBRUARY 23, 2018 (Weekly)

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