Slash Back Ggxx Ac
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Shit gets real when the back slash engages

It is performed by pressing 4SH (overhead and intermediate strokes) or 1SH (lower and middle strikes) at the moment of impact. The window for the successful implementation of SB - 2 frame. Slash Back spending 2% tension, and if successful, almost no attacking moves, greatly reduces block mill (2F Blockstun for ground strokes and 4F for the air, regardless of the level of attack) and adds tension. Also, the character gets Guard Damage'a and scale a Guard' is not increased. When properly executed Slash Back'e around your character appears a Golden "ring". After a successful Slash Back'and it is impossible to put a unit of 15 frames, after an unsuccessful 25. During these 25 frames you can make another Back Slash, which will differ increased in case of success blockstun (4F for ground attack). Execution Back Slash during the dash will stop. Back Slash cannot be completed within 10 frames after WakeUp'. Slash Back - the only kind of block that can be used during einesa.

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