Sonic The Hedgehog

Sega needed an image, an easily recognizable character that would make them well-known in the Nintendo-controlled video game market of the early 90's.

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Up! Down! Left! Right! B! START!


An internal contest was held to design a company mascot, and from this, the characters of Sonic the Hedghog and Eggman were developed. A small team of relatively new employees was given the task of making this game. That group, dubbed Sonic Team, created a game that had a tremendous impact on the industry.

Sonic the Hedgehog's claim to fame was its speed and bright, detailed 16-bit graphics. The levels were large and fun to explore; Sonic the character had a unique, in-your-face attitude that appealed to the younger crowd; Sega soon found themselves with a real hit.

There are five different zones, each a boss and three acts. Combined with a graphically impressive special stage, Sonic the Hedgehog set the new standard for gameplay, size, and overall quality in platform games.

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NOTE: This applies to all Sonic Games in the 16bit era.

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